I can help you successfully transition to a more fulfilling career or the next phase of your professional life, helping you choose work that better integrates into all aspects of your life, better reflects who you are.

Are you:​
  • Wanting to upgrade your professional materials to pursue a new opportunity within your existing company or a new place of work?
  • Looking for a more different job or career because the one you have is not satisfying?
  • Looking to enter or get back into the workplace due to a life change?

I offer a range of services and programs.

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Regardless of the industry or sector, I can help you structure materials and a path that address the person who is uniquely you and where you want to be headed.

I offer the full spectrum of career coaching—from interest exploration to negotiation coaching. Specific programs include:

Resume Refresh

Often, I encounter clients with a resume that does not represent the phenomenal person behind it. I can help you put on paper all the traits that make you an asset to any company or organization and suggest a presentation that will further highlight those qualities. The Resume Refresh program includes a resume review, an interactive coaching session, resume templates, and a copy of Crafting a Resume That Lands You the Job.

Leadership Alignment

Do you know what kind of leader you are or what type you’d like to be? Are you exercising your leadership strengths? This program encompasses a series of coaching encounters that explore different leadership styles, help you to align with your “best fit” leadership style, and address any leadership gaps related to having improved team, co-worker and supervisor communication and interactions.

Career Webbing

​“Webbing” is a diagramming and brainstorming technique that helps you to see the links from where you are now to where you could be. The Career Webbing program is a process to help you start jumpstart your thinking about a new career or to consider new employment possibilities in your existing field. Guided exercises and conversation will help you to discover new paths to professional fulfillment. As part of the session, you will receive a book filled with career seeking tools and other helpful information.

LinkedIn Profile Enhancements​

The average viewer takes 4-5 seconds (yes, seconds!) to review the information on your LinkedIn profile.  This interactive coaching session will help you understand the most important information to include on your profile and the most advantageous and eye-catching ways to “capture” your reader, leaving the best possible impression.  We will also “walk through” the most important features of LinkedIn to utilize during your search.

Career Mapping

Wondering where you want to be in your career in 5-10 years but not sure how to get there? This program includes a series of coaching encounters that will help you envision your career direction and plan. Combining values and goal identification, exploration of interests, skills, strengths, gaps, and essential career contacts, the sessions will culminate in the creation of a Career Map and development plan that you can start to put into action.

Customized Resume and LinkedIn Writing

Don’t have the time or interest in creating your own resume? I can do it for you! Let me tell the great story of the person behind the career facts.

Coach-on-Call & Retainer Options

Pricing for the above services is dependent on the program selected. I offer a range of pricing to meet any budget. To further get the best “bang for your buck,” I have bundled together my most popular programs.

*Hardship pricing is available. Please ask for details*

Are you ready for a career transformation?​

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