I offer customized, highly personalized services for executives looking to make a transition or prepare for the next opportunity at his or her company. This specialized coaching support will help you target and capitalize on your best leadership strengths, in both your marketing materials and talking points. ​

You will move forward confidently, communicating why you’re the best fit for that next opportunity. It’s an investment in yourself and your professional future.​​

The Executive Concierge Coaching Package includes:​

  • Coach-on-call – access to quick coaching feedback when you need it​
  • Executive resume – a custom written executive resume that presents your skills and knowledge in the most current format.​
  • LinkedIn profile customization and coaching on utilization – a custom written LinkedIn profile that is crafted to have you be highly visible on LinkedIn and help recruiters find you; coaching on the latest features of LinkedIn and how to use them to your advantage.​
  • Custom cover letter templates – two to three custom cover letter templates that can be adjusted for different usage and opportunities.​
  • Four hours of coaching – four coaching appointments that will provide you with feedback on your process and strategic direction, including career mapping if selected.​
  • Priority scheduling – if needed, priority scheduling that will enable you to schedule coaching time when you need it.​
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You can have a career strategist at your disposal! Let me be your support and partner as you take your leadership skills to a new position or company.​

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