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Let me help you see the possibilities
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Career and Transition

My CV is now more professional and contemporary.  I feel more confident in applying for jobs.  ~B.A.

Thanks so much for the fantastic workshop.  I loved the fun interactive style. Your authentic style is a gift!!
You did a great job.  I felt so much better walking out.  I was in a total tranquil state of mind about
my career issues when I left.  ~B.R. (workshop attendee)

I found Cathy's career consulting advice invaluable. Her suggestions for improving my resume and for targeting employers were exceptionally helpful and they were much better than what I could have done on my own. ~J.G.

Thank you so much for sharing your insight and expertise regarding interviewing with our job search group. You did a fantastic job of connecting with our members, of hearing their questions and offering alternatives. I especially appreciated your philosophy and liked the points you made about considering fit and corporate culture. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and for bringing some balance back into an interview. ~ M.B. Group Coordinator

You did an outstanding service in helping me to update my resume. It looks so much more professional and shows a more accurate story of my life over the last 10 years. It is a really good reflection of me, with (my) combined professional experience and volunteer experience shown confidently and clearly stated. My resume makes me smile now when I look at it.  ~K.B.

I decided to work with Cathy as my career coach because of her experience in transition coaching, resume writing and financial management. Each meeting with Cathy increasingly proved the value she brought to my efforts for the change I was searching for in my life. Cathy helped me make connections in my thinking that I would not have otherwise made, provided me with lots of new ideas I would not have otherwise had, and most importantly perhaps, helped to keep me accountable for taking action on these ideas. I deeply appreciate the wisdom of Cathy's professional insight and experience coupled with her ability to collaborate with me to help fulfill my goals. Cathy's organizational skills along with her enthusiasm were a true blessing for me to find. I look forward to working with her again in the near future!  ~D.W.

I approached Cathy Posner with what I saw as a huge task:  after thirty years a self-employed photographer- twelve of which I worked only part-time while raising a daughter- I was ready for a career change.  Cathy got right to work by putting me to work on a plan for returning to school to earn an Associate's Degree.   She helped me to create a resume, taught me how to structure an effective cover letter, and is assisting me with a budget.  Whether your life transition is big or small, Cathy not only helps you see the possibilities – she shows you how you can make them realities.  ~J.T.L.

Cathy helped me to focus, to refine my resume, and also served as a really good cheerleader on the days when nothing seemed to come together.  She has a straightforward and friendly approach and can really help people move toward success.  I would recommend her anytime.  ~M.F.
Small Business

Cathy is tremendous at seeing the big picture, helping you see your true and unique gifts and talents, and most importantly, turning ideas and goals into reality! I am still Cathy's client, and plan to continue to be. ~V.M.

I used Cathy‚Äôs services while writing a brochure for my business.  Her editing and organizational skills were terrific, but she went even further by helping me to design a brochure that really speaks to my potential clients and showcases what I can offer them.  ~B.A.

I worked with Cathy for a few months trying to get a new business started. I had several concerns about the viability of what I was planning. Cathy was very helpful in pointing out resources and finding articles that validated what I was intending to do. She helped me think of ideas. When I was done with a session with her, I was feeling very good and confident that I was on the right track.  ~D.M.

Cathy assisted me in identifying goals and steps to achieve these goals in manageable chunks. She encouraged me to look beyond traditional avenues in my field and provided great feedback and support. ~A.A.

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