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Let me help you see the possibilities
Career and Transition Coaching
Every exit is an entry somewhere else.             ~Tom Stoppard
I can help you successfully transition to a more fulfilling career or the next phase of your professional life. I specialize in helping you choose work that better integrates into all aspects of your life, better reflects who you are.

Are you
  • Wanting to upgrade your professional packet (resume, bio, and/or LinkedIn profile) in order to pursue a new opportunity, within your existing company or a new place of work?
  • Looking for a more successful job or career because the one you have is not satisfying?
  • Going through a divorce and needing to get back into regular employment that will be meaningful and financially support your life?
  • Graduating from college and not sure how to use your degree or how to find a job that reflects your degree and interests?
  • A stay-at-home mom wanting to find part-time or full-time work- especially flexible work- as your children are home less often?
  • At a life crossroads and trying to determine the best path to take for your career and future?
  • In a time of professional transition and feeling adrift?
Consider how a program can help you:

General Career Assistance…

Regardless of the industry or sector, I can help you structure work or career materials and goals that address the person who is uniquely you.  I can provide general job seeking support, as well as cover letter, resume, LinkedIn, interview coaching, and offer negotiation coaching and assistance (see specific programs below).


If you already know your dream career but are not sure how to get there, identify ways to make meaningful connections in your dream field that can ultimately lead to a new job.


We can create a customized program to fulfill your career transition needs.

Special Career Programs

Entering the “Real World”

Are you a college junior, senior or recent grad*?  Have you had some career planning assistance but still need additional help with your materials and direction?  If so, this program is for you!  In three coaching sessions you will:

1)    Craft a new resume that follows the most used and recognized formats in the professional world or craft a resume that will enable you to confidently pursue internship or graduate school opportunities.

2)    Learn new ways to pursue opportunities post-college and create a plan to start or expand that search.

3)    Create or update a LinkedIn profile that will help launch you into the professional world.  Discover ways to utilize LinkedIn in your job search or for valuable networking, regardless of your post-graduation plans.

Special pricing-  $195 for three coaching appointments (regularly $250); can be accomplished in person, by phone or via Skype/Facetime

*”recent grads” need to have graduated within the last 6 months to qualify for this special program pricing

Resume Refresh!

So often, I encounter clients with a resume that does not represent the phenomenal person behind it.  I can help you put on paper all the traits that make you an asset to any company or organization and suggest a presentation that will further highlight those qualities. 

The Resume Refresh program includes a professional resume review and one interactive session, including resume template, to rewrite and update your resume (by phone or in-person).

Basic Resume Refresh*: $95 (includes additional 15 minutes followup)

Advanced Resume Refresh*: $115 (includes additional 30 minutes followup)

*Resume program level will be jointly determined at the introductory appointment; dependent on a variety of factors including complexity of resume

Customized resume writing options are available.  Ask for details.

Career Webbing

“Webbing” is a diagramming and brainstorming technique that helps you to see, on paper, the links from where you are now to where you could be.   The Career Webbing program is an 75-90 minute process to help you start thinking about a new career or to consider new employment possibilities in your existing field.  Guided exercises and conversation will help you to discover new paths to professional fulfillment.  As part of the session, you will receive a book filled with career seeking tools and other helpful information.

Special pricing: $95  
** Extra Special Pricing for recent college graduates or high school students - $75 **

Use Career Webbing in partnership with the Resume Refresh for a package price of $170 (with a Basic Resume Refresh) and $190 (with an Advanced Resume Refresh)

LinkedIn Profile Enhancements

The average viewer takes 4-5 seconds (yes, seconds!) to review the information on your LinkedIn profile.  This interactive coaching session will help you understand the most important information to include on your profile and the most advantageous and eye-catching ways to "capture" your reader, leaving the best possible impression.

Special pricing: $85 

Compiling Your Professional Packet

Putting together your professional marketing pieces- resume, bio, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) content can be challenging.  I can help you- either through coaching or customized writing services- pull the words and components together to present the best possible you! 

Pricing is dependent on customized service(s).  Please ask for details.

Sealing the Deal

Are you repeatedly sending out cover letter and resume packets with little or no response?  Are you getting interviews but not job offers?  Sealing the Deal will help you refine your search materials, interview skills, and help you to expand your thinking on where you are looking for jobs.

This program includes three to four components- with three, hour-long coaching appointments- plus review and editing assistance with your search materials.  The components:

1)  Resume Refresh- a personalized resume review and an interactive session to rewrite and update your resume (by phone or in-person).  1 hour

2) LinkedIn Profile Enhancement- an interactive session to update your profile and represent the best professional you in order to capture the attention of those viewing your profile.  45-50 minutes

3)  Interview Readiness- personalized coaching on the best possible ways to present yourself and your skills during an interview. 1 hour

4)  Job Prospecting- define additional outlets for your job seeking and new ways to expand your job search. 1 hour

Special pricing:  Three versions of this program are available with pricing varying from $225-$305.  Please contact me for specific programming and pricing options.

Still not sure about what you need in the current professional world?
Check out the New Career Toolbox
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And ask me about my New Career Toolbox program! 

Purposeful Women, use code PWCT
when contacting me to redeem your special offer!

Other Life Transition and Coaching…

Working together, we can create a customized program to help you create useful strategies and find your anchor… or choose the following:

Organizing and Time Management During Your Transition

In 4 to 8 sessions, strategize to organize your life as you work through a major transition, like returning to work after divorce or staying home with your children, or embarking on a second career. Includes some financial management strategies and how to organize for a job search.

Each program includes a FREE introductory appointment
to assess your needs and the best possible services for you.

Consulting and coaching is available through private sessions, in person or by phone…

Private sessions provide individuals with a mentor to help create and implement a plan to move through a transition time or an issue in your life.  Meetings take place weekly, twice monthly, or monthly, or less frequently.  Exercises, activities and, if appropriate, readings on covered topics are suggested between meetings.  Support is provided to accomplish the determined goals.

$70/hour; $45/half hour for customized coaching programs; fees for specific programs are listed above

                                           *Hardship pricing is available. Please ask for details*
                                                         **Some travel fees may apply**

And larger sessions...

provide larger group interaction, where general tools are offered for a specific issue or topic (like beginning a career transition or staying organized during a transition).  Recommendations for further, more in-depth exploration of the issue are also presented.  Workshops generally meet one time.  Pricing is based on topic, location, and size of workshop.  Some travel fees may apply.

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